1. "They say it’s so refreshing to hear somebody on records
    No guns, no drugs, no sex, just truth
    The guns that’s America, the drugs are what they gave to us
    And sex sells itself, don’t judge her ‘til it’s you
    Ah, I’m not more or less cautious
    The rappers rappin’ ‘bout them strippers up on the pole, copping
    These interviews are obnoxious
    Saying that it’s poetry is so well spoken, stop it
    I grew up during Reaganomics
    When Ice T was out there on his killing cops shit
    Or Rodney King was getting beat on
    And they let off every single officer
    And Los Angeles went and lost it
    Now every month there is a new Rodney on Youtube
    It’s just something our generation is used to
    And neighbourhoods where you never see a news crew
    Unless they’re gentrifying, white people don’t even cruise through
    And my subconcious telling me stop it
    This is an issue that you shouldn’t get involved in
    Don’t even tweet, R.I.P Trayvon Martin
    Don’t wanna be that white dude, million man marchin’
    Fighting for our freedom that my people stole
    Don’t wanna make all my white fans uncomfortable
    But you don’t even have a fuckin’ song for radio
    Why you out here talkin race, tryin’ to save the fuckin’ globe
    Don’t get involved with the causes in mind
    White privilege, white guilt, at the same damn time
    So we just party like it’s nineteen ninty nine
    Celebrate the ignorance while these kids keep dying"
    — "A Wake", Macklemore
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