1. excerpts from Celebrate Mercy webcast

    I went to a qiyam at ICC where they broadcast the Celebrate Mercy lectures and took some notes down. Here are some of my favorite quotes and thoughts from the various speakers.

    If you haven’t heard of Celebrate Mercy, visit their website and learn about the great initiative they have to spread the message of the life and legacy of the Prophet Muhammad during Ramadan and beyond.

    • His call started with good manners
    • They say behind every great man is a great woman, but in Islam beside every great man is a great woman. [See the relationship of the Prophet and Khadija r.a.]
    • One of the things we will be asked about on the Day of Judgment is our youth and how we used it. The Prophet was known for his encouragement of the youth.
    • Giving up on Allah is forbidden. His mercy is never ending.
    • Dar al Arqam was the 1st established learning center in Islam, the house of the Sahaba Al-Arqam
    • Surah Duha was revealed by Allah as a comfort to the Prophet when he thought he was alone. The closer we are to the Quran, the more spiritually light and happy we will feel. Keep the Quran close in your life.
    • When you read the Quran with your mind, you will find repetition. When you read Quran with your heart, you will see more depth.
    • We need to make safe spaces in our community for converts, reverts, those revisiting and recommitting to Islam
    • The extent of persecution most of us have today is weird looks or mean comments of being Muslim but Bilal suffered and was tortured yet never doubted or gave up on his faith. We need more leaders to stand up, defend and liberate Muslims all over
    • The Prophet was known for performing so much night prayer that his feet would bleed from standing for so long. The unique qualities of qiyam, the night prayer, is that no one can see you pray so it shows real thankfulness, proof that you are doing something for God only and the value of such actions
    • When Prophet was first starting to preach the message of Islam, he was told to first start with his extended family. When attempting to do something difficult, start with your family because they will always support you and have your back.
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