1. The Author Huddle: 6 Tips to Finish Your First Draft



    This week’s NaNo Coach, author Kristyn Kusek Lewis, sat down with Daniel Wallace, author of Big Fish, to ask his writing advice:

    Wrimos, lower the bar! According to Daniel Wallace, one of the most important things you can do this month is to not think too much. He knows of what he speaks: He is the author of five novels, including the acclaimed Big Fish, which was made into a motion picture of the same name in 2003, and is currently running on Broadway as a musical.

    He also happens to frequent the same local café where I often write, and we met there recently to discuss some ways that you can make the most of the month. Here, his advice:

    • Much of writing is just doing it. I have a sign in my office that says Sit Down in big letters. There’s a tendency to let writing fall to the fifth or sixth place on our to-do lists each day, after shopping or cleaning or whatever, but it needs to be first or second. Commit to having a messy house—it means you have your priorities straight.

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  2. "Today you are you/that is truer than true/there is no one alive/that is youer than you"
    — – Dr. Seuss

  3. peelsofpoetry:

    The Marvelous Women
    by Mohja Kahf

    All women speak two languages:
    the language of men
    and the language of silent suffering.
    Some women speak a third,
    the language of queens.
    They are marvelous
    and they are my friends.

    My friends give me poetry.
    If it were not for them
    I’d be a…


  5. uhhleeahh:

    You asked me once what I’d do if I lost you
    It came out of your lips slowly, cautiously
    As if saying it made it an actual possibility

    You told me once I’d soon be kissing your beard
    Mischief in your eyes
    A light-hearted affectionate chortle escaped as you texted

    You promised once it…

    My good friend shares some beautiful words:)


  6. "If an eagle be imprisoned
    on the back of a coin,
    and the coin be tossed
    into the sky,
    the coin will spin,
    the coin will flutter,
    but the eagle will never fly."
    — henry dumas, america. (via ethiopienne)

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  8. my curl inspiration!!

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